Housewife Special


#72 —
ARTZINES #16, Housewife Special, 2022, 21 x 29,7 cm, 32 pp. colour photocopy, 100 copies.

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This 16th issue of ARTZINES is dedicated to the French zine Housewife created in Paris at the turn of the millennium by Axelle Le
Dauphin and Dana Wyse for the cult lesbian club Le Pulp.
I first met the artist Dana Wyse (p. 4-7) and  was very intrigued by her art and wondered what kind of person could have created this hilarious body of work. But it is only years after I first interviewed her that she told me about the publication she made a long time ago.
She introduced me to Axelle Le Dauphin and the three of us wondered if it should be considered as a zine, a fanzine or a magazine. (p. 8-16)
Obviously, this kind of interogation ends up being even more confusing. But meeting the two creators together, can help to understand the kind of craziness that was at play in Housewife.
In her brilliant article Housewife, La Redistribution du sensible (p. 24-31) translated as Housewife, Tongue in Chick (p. 18-23) by
Amy Lay-Pelletier, Elisabeth Lebovici manages to retraces the series of event that led to the creation of Housewife, which forever changed the way lesbians are perceived in France.