antoine lefebvre editions


#28 —
antoine lefebvre editions,
[piʃaˈsɐ̃w̃], Paris, 2017, 21 x 29,7 cm, photocopy, 50 copies.

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Often called a concrete jungle, the city of São Paulo is an intense experience. If you talk with people there, they will often tell you how they enjoy Graffiti and Street Art, but if you ask them about pixos or pichação, you might see them grin or face quite epidermic reactions. “This is ugly, this is not art” they might say. When I visited the city centre, I was struck by the force and violence of this type of graffiti made mostly from people from the favelas. Some of the pixadores climb façades barehanded to paint them, some fall and never get up again. I don’t many art forms whose practitioners are willing to risk their lives for. That alone deserve respect. Also, it’s beautiful!

La ville de São Paulo est une jungle urbaine, une expérience intense. Ses habitants disent facilement apprécier le graffiti ou le street art, mais certainement pas les pixos ou pichação ! Dans le centre ville, des façades entières sont couvertes par ce style de writing très particulier peint le plus souvent par des artistes des favelas. Certains d’entres eux risquent leurs vies en grimpant à mains nues sur les batiment pour poser leur signature le plus haut possible. Cette performance à elle seule impose le respect, et en plus leurs peintures sont magnifiques!

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