Transgeneratives 2030


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DYSFUNCTION #8-9, Transgeneratives 2030 Augmented Proceedings, Paris, 2023,
33,2 x 47,5 cm, digital newsprint, 24 pp., 1000 copies.

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DYSFUNCTION #8-9 displays the Augmented Proceedings of the Trans-Generatives 2030 conference Impactful Actions for a Sustainable Future through Art & Science (March 14th to April 2nd, 2022), a four-week action-research conference, online and onsite at Station A, ICN Business School Campus, Nancy, France, related to the ARTEM OCC conference.
Trans-Generatives 2030 is a network of sustainable practices, research and education across a diversity of regions, countries, communities and cultures, focused on introducing imaginary, symbolic and aesthetic dimensions into functional rationalities, in
order to feed and influence decision-making processes towards sustainability transformations. http://transgeneratives2030.eu/